Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Facebook and what I fear is the truth about the world

Ok, so I got an email that had a link that sent me to my Facebook page. My Facebook page wasn't my idea, Scott Moore, I think, set it up and I looked at it once in over a year since tonight and tonight only by accident.

I just don't get it.

I clicked on a whole bunch of stuff people I love had somehow (in ways I don't understand) put there and I didn't get what the point was from what they put there and mostly none of it made sense to me.

There were lots of somebody "likes" something or another and I had no idea what that meant or was supposed to mean or anything about it.

Why are all these people depositing messages (I guess they are messages I simply can't comprehend) on a Facebook page I've now looked at twice in a year?

It was mesmerizing in a way--pictures of people I love beside the messages I simply don't comprehend or know why they were sent to me.

I saw some pictures of my children and my grandchildren that I didn't know existed and was glad--yo, Glad--to see. Yet I simply don't 'get' the "Social Network" and don't have any idea at all why I would look at it more often than once ever 6 months or so, and then by accident.

So, don't rain on my parade or post on my web or write on my 'wall'--that whole image is really beyond my ken--unless it doesn't matter that I won't see it for half-a-year and then by accident.

Face Book, it seems to me, is really...well, I don't have a word for it.

People tell me how great it is. I find it mundane and silly. Sorry. Maybe I've entered the part of life know as being an 'old fart'.

CALL ME. Even E-mail me. Don't put stuff on my Face Book which I will next view in August 2011.

My theory is that Face Book Shit is stuff that isn't important enough for a email or a call (that to me is about three levels higher than an email) or, God forbid, in this 'social network' era, actually seeing me face to face.

People tell me they like to keep up with the little details of their friends lives on facebook. I really don't care about 'the little details', those seem to me to be private and, by the way, not that interesting--(I had a message on my board or my wall or my whatever that one of my friends was thinking about ordering a pizza....I just don't care what you eat. Really, maybe I'm insensitive, but keep your menus to yourselves and stay off my Face Book page.) But I won't see it until August so, hey, do what you want.

But if you want to be in my 'social network', give me a call, let's get together. I really aren't interested in what you watched on Tv or had for dinner.

I am INTERESTED in you. I just want to do that interest voice to voice or face to face.

So I'm a troglodyte , so true, so true.

I love you all....But not on Face Book.....

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