Sunday, January 30, 2011

Found Money

I realized a day or two ago that, if I were smart, I would start a company right now to repair gutters and down spouts. Come Spring (or maybe June) when all the ice is finally gone, everyone in my neighborhood (and probably yours too) is going to need their gutters worked on. The impressive stalactites of icicles are ripping gutters away from the roofs all over New England. A growth industry is what that would be. Get in on the ground floor. I know there are people who already do that, but there will be work enough to go around.

I was looking for fingernail clippers today and since we are not the kind of people who 'have a place for everything and have everything in its place' I started searching for clippers in the baskets and bowls that we use to disorganize our lives. I don't know how other people do it--where they put stuff they might need someday but don't have a real 'place' for--we use baskets and bowls. I noticed right away that there was loose change in most every basket and bowl. So I started putting it in my pockets.

I sat down to see what I had and here's the list:

*22 dimes--$2.20
*9 nickles--$0.45
*16 quarters--$4.00
*62 pennies--$0.62
That's 7 dollars and 27 cents that I didn't realize I had.

I also found
*a 2 Euro coin
*a 2 pence piece
*50 cent piece from the Republic of Liberia
*a 100 Lina coin (Italy?)
*a 5 ptas coin (country of unknown origin)
*a token for a car wash (car wash location of unknown origin)
*a token for Courtyard Playard (whatever that is)
*some kind of commemorative coin that says "Connecticut" on it but gives no clue to the purpose of the commemoration

Pretty amazing what you can find in bowls and baskets. Where did the stuff in the second list come from? I've been places in recent years where Euros and 2 pence pieces might be used to buy something, but I've never been to Italy or Liberia or anywhere you could spend a 'ptas'.

It might be worth pondering that if we went through the baskets and bowls of our lives--places we store memories, reflections, dreams--we might find some pretty interesting and rather confounding things.

I'm promising to try to do that more often--though I'm not sure how to begin. "Found" stuff can be valuable in ways we don't ever realize.

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