Thursday, February 10, 2011

the Future Church--2

I'm still writing out Leslie Frendorff's dream of the church.

Let us dream of a church...

so salty and so yeasty that it really would be missed if no longer around;

where there is wild sowing of seeds and much rejoicing when they take root, but little concern for success, comparative statistics, growth or even survival.

A church so evangelical that its worship, it quality of caring, its eagerness to reach out to those in need cannot be contained.

A church....

affirming life over death as much as life after death,

unafraid of change, able to recognize God's had in the revolutions, affirming the beauty of diversity, abhorring the imprisonment of uniformity,

as concerned about love in all relationships as it is about chastity and affirming the personal in all expressions of sexuality.

Let us dream of a church...

in which the sacraments, free from captivity by a professional elite, are available in every congregation regardless of size, culture, location or budget.

In which every congregation is free to call forth from its midst priests and deacons, sure in the knowledge that training and support services are available to back them up.

In which the Word is sacramental too, as dynamically presented as the bread and win; members, not dependent on professionals, know what's what and who's who in the Bible and all sheep share in the shepherding.

It will take one more post to finish Wesley's dream.

Ponder this part.

Notice how revolutionary and radical it is. Ponder what it would mean to 'The Church'--how the church would have to be transformed to be a part of this vision.

Ponder also, whether you would want to be a part of this dream, this vision, this Kind of church....

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