Thursday, February 3, 2011

Still trying and about to give up

My shoulders are very sore from throwing snow and ice up over 8 or 9 foot barriers--all of which is the snow I've shoveled before--just to clear the driveway.

The snow plow has deposited about a foot and a half of solid ice between my walkway to the road and the road. I'm still trying but about to give up on that.

Here's the other thing (listen up all you Facebook Fanatics) Debbie, who I've known since she was 18 and that was a lot of years and kids ago, found me on facebook and asked to be my 'friend'. Well, since she is over 25 years or so, I let her do that and then was confronted with a bunch of people wanting to put me on their calendar for my birthday. So I clicked the first one and discovered I couldn't tell her my birthday, I had to sign up for some Calendar deal, which I rejected, and rejected, and rejected, and rejected, and rejected, and rejected and rejected. Yes, beloved, I said no seven times before it let me alone and it took me seven more various clicks to get off of Facebook.

My birthday is April 17, okay.

I don't want to sign up for anything else so don't go on Facebook and ask to know my birthday because I can't tell you unless I sign up for something I don't want and even then I have to reject seven times before Calendar believes me.

I think Facebook is the 'un-social' network because it won't take 'no' for an answer.

Is there a guide book to face book, not on line, please!!!, but on paper somewhere so some luddite like me could have a f**king clue about what in the hell it is for.

Sorry, Marian and all other FB lovers. It is a nightmare. Email me, call me, lets have coffee.

No Mas Face Book.....

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