Wednesday, September 12, 2012

cat food thief

OK, for several months I have often found the little plate we give Luke, our cat, his wet food on, on the floor of the kitchen. I just assumed he knocked it off. But then I started finding it in the living room and on the rug beside the fireplace in our kitchen--much to far to 'knock' it.

Then on Monday, I came downstairs to see Bela, our dog, carrying the little plate in his teeth.

I was so stunned I just watched as he dropped it on the floor and licked it.

Since then he's been carrying the plate further and further from the little table where Lukie eats.

Seems he likes to clean up what Luke leaves on his plate.

I should be severe with him, but it was so cute to see him carrying the little square plate in his teeth I haven't yet disciplined him...

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