Monday, September 17, 2012

The glasses that work

About 8 months ago, I got new glasses.

Let me tell you right now that I never felt confident about my choice when the doctor said, "This one...or this one?" Not once. Not ever.

So, I got these new glasses (did I tell you this before? I'm feeling like I did. If I did, well....I'm getting old and forget all sorts of stuff....) and after a few weeks, misplaced them. They were these cool clear frames, which was probably why I didn't find them, they were clear and I couldn't see them....who knows?

So I got my old glasses out, which are black frames with clear semi-circles under the lenses. Very Retro. Lots of people several decades younger than me told me they liked them or thought they were either "cool' or 'boss', neither of which terms I trust to mean what they meant to me decades ago.

So the truth is, I see better for 6 months now out of my 'old glasses' than my new ones. I just tried again, looking at the screen with my new glasses for a line and then my old ones--which are much 'cooler' and much more 'boss' anyway.

Which goes to show you, when you make a choice that is so close it doesn't deserved to be made, more often than not, you'll choose wrongly.

Ponder that, just as a rule of life, for a while.


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