Sunday, August 5, 2012

Assorted Stuff

Have I mentioned Watermelons? My question is: Why doesn't any Watermelon I eat these days measure up to even the s0-so Watermelons of my childhood? Did engineering out the seeds engineer out the sweetness and texture and wetness as well? I'd like to find a 'vintage' watermelon, full of seeds and texture and flavor and wetness. The seeds were half the fun, as I remember.

What about this drought? I looked at a map of the hardest hit states and would almost believe God was smiting the Red States if that didn't violate all my theology (the rain does fall on the just and unjust in the gospels as well and "The Merchant of Venice". Since we have had like a foot of rain in the past three weeks, it certainly doesn't seem fair to Texas and the Mid-west.

I think it's raining again, right now, the trees I can see from the window behind my computer and swaying and bowing and my window if lined with moisture. Today when it rained for 45 minutes or so, really hard, the temperature on our back porch dipped from 82 (it's in the shade) to 64. After half an hour of the sun that followed the rain, it was back up to 78. Don't you love New England?

I didn't wear vestments at church today--speaking of the heat. No one minded since I think the heat addles our brains and they probably saw me in an alb and a chasuble though I was in a short sleeve shirt and a stole. I mispronounced more words than I have in a long time. Heat certainly addles my brain. I used to love heat. I really did. But each year I like it less....

I love the Olympics. I saw the Trampoline competition while I was walking the treadmill at the YMCA (just to let you know I go to the Y 6 days a week) and saw badminton as well. One of the trainers at the Y watched with me while I walked. He's actually competed in badminton on a semi-pro level. What they do on the trampoline and while playing badminton in the Olympics is to what we do on a trampoline or badminton game in the back yard, the difference between driving a Bentley and riding a skateboard. No comparison, trust me on this....

More Stuff another time....

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