Monday, November 3, 2014

Puli's and time changes

I knew the time turned back to EST from DST in the early hours of Sunday morning, so I stayed up a little later knowing that the hour gain would be canceled out in a day or so.

But Puli dogs don't understand time changes. Bela is still on Daylight Savings Time. He was ready to go out an hour sooner than normal--because his biological clock is truly 'biological' and can't be fooled by the whims of government decisions. He also rushed to his dinner Sunday afternoon though usually he lays around until Bern and I tell him to 'look in his bowl'. But he was hungry, we were feeding him an hour later than usual!

Even today, he made the complaining noises to be taken for the 'little walk' at 3:30, though we always go at 4:30...but the time changed and not for him!

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