Thursday, November 6, 2014

what I'm doing here....

OK, I've been writing this blog for several years now. I have well over 1000 posts. And yesterday, for reasons I don't understand, 145 people viewed it. I've never had a day like that. I am mystified as to why. And yet it happened.

I've admitted here, over and again, that I write for myself. It's like 'talking to yourself'. It's a form of internal therapy. It makes me happy. I'd do it if nobody read it. It's what I've been doing for several years and I like it.

But to know that in one day 145 people dropped in on my internal conversation is humbling and wondrous.

I thought, because that many people came by to read something yesterday (the stats don't tell me if they read more than one post, only that they signed in) I thought it might be helpful to say something about what I'm trying to do in this space, what I'm up to, what it means to me.

There's a Sufi saying that guides me in my life. It goes like this: "when you hear hoof beats...look for Zebras...."

Who, in their right mind, would imagine approaching hoof beats were Zebras?

You see, I'm not aiming for 'profundity' here. What is 'profound' doesn't much interest me. It's over my head and my pay grade. Let the philosophers worry about what is profound.

What I'm interested in is 'epiphanies'.

It's a Christian Holy Day in January that celebrates the arrival of the Magi to visit the Christ Child. But more important to me is the secular definition of 'epiphany'.

Here's a definition I memorized decades ago from an old breadbox sized, tan Merriam Webster Dictionary I used to have. An epiphany is the sudden, intuitive knowledge of the deep down meaning of things, usually manifested in what is ordinary, everyday and common place.

Like looking for zebras when cattle or horses would make much more logical sense.

All I'm trying to write about here is the ordinary, everyday and common place, longing for a Zebra to show up in all that.

'Epiphanies', not profundity or deep wisdom, is what drives me.

So, if you'd like to be on that journey and involved in the pondering of  the ordinary, the everyday and the common place, hoping for a zebra, well, welcome to the game.

And I'd do this over and over and over again even if no one was reading it.

But since I hit a record 145 views yesterday, I would invite you, if you like looking for epiphanies and pondering the 'ordinary' with me, to tell your friends about this blog.

I suddenly like knowing that many people in one day want to check in about what I'm pondering, even if it is ordinary.

Just sayin', I liked knowing that many people cared in one day. I've suddenly decided that it would be nice to share these ponderings with more and more.

Help me out with that, if you choose to.

(I'll let you know when that record is broken.)

Good luck with your persona zebras....

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