Sunday, November 23, 2014

Ah, Puerto Rico....

All the time I've lived in Connecticut--since 1980 now (the first hundred years they tell me, are the hardest!) I've seldom been able, in basketball at any rate, to rub it in about West Virginia University, my alma mater. Oh, we owned UConn in football in the years of the Big East (I miss the Big East so)--I loved playing games with other teams in places I'd actually been (Pittsburgh, Syracuse, Rutgers, Louisville, all those places) but in basketball...I never had any braggin' rights.

Well, tonight, after what happened in Puerto Rico, I can say, loud and clear, "How about them 'Eers!"

(Which is West Virginian for 'How about those Mountaineers'?)

78-68. WVU over UConn. Bobby Huggins over Kevin Ollie. Jerome Staten over Boatwright.

Oh, that felt good to write!

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