Sunday, November 30, 2014

Enough dressing already....

Thanksgiving was three days ago. I ate Thanksgiving dinner with my family and our four dear friends. Then, later, I ate more turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes with pecans, green bean casserole, the dressing I made (apples, onions, walnuts, currents, celery, two sticks of butter and bread) and gravy.

Friday, I twice ate turkey, dressing, mashed and sweet potatoes, green beans and gravy.

Saturday, I once ate all that except for the green beans.

Today, I had what I had yesterday for a meal.

Enough, already! I think the reason we seldom have the traditional Thanksgiving meal any other time is that we eat it at least 6 times!

I told Bern that I was through with all the Thanksgiving stuff. It is dead to me. Tomorrow I eat mussels.

You just can't eat that stuff that many times and stay sane....

Except for the gravy. I could eat gravy once a day forever. In fact, where I come from, gravy of all kinds qualifies as a food group. I hope it is always on the menu in some iteration in the Kingdom that is to come.

I can always eat gravy.

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