Tuesday, November 4, 2014

What you don't know

I was at the monthly meeting of the Middlesex Area Cluster Council Officers tonight. We always meet and eat and ostensibly plan for the Cluster Council meeting the next week.

We do that--but it doesn't take much time--mostly what we do is eat and talk.

We either meet at Perk on Main or Cozy Corner, next to each other in Durham, CT, the site of the biggest fair in the state.

Tonight it was Cozy Corner, an kinda Italian place. We hadn't been there for several months--going to Perk on Main instead, a trendy, kinda 'with-it' place with up-scale food and a great breakfast. And the waitress...the only one we've ever had at Cozy Corner, remembered I liked Pinot Grigio and we always order an antipasto. Amazing, she is.

But that's not the thing you need to know. What you need to know is that the Episcopal Church is healthy and glowing in those three churches. Really!

Each has their own sets of problems. But each has their own particular strengths. And each is a joy and wonder to me as a priest.

When 'main-line' religion seems in a precipitous  decline, St. James and Emmanuel and St. Andrew's virtually glow. (Not 'grow', 'glow'--different but equally important, I think.

I give thanks for the grace and opportunity to be in this ministry. The officers are just the beginning. These churches 'glow' all the way down. Really.

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