Sunday, October 10, 2021

A Sunday without church

 As a 'Priest-in-charge', I'm only supposed to serve on three Sundays a month. So, since October has 5 Sundays, I was off today and will be again on the 31st.

A Sunday without church is like a day without chocolate.

I don't go to church unless I'm preaching or celebrating.

I often say, "If I'm not 'doing it', I probably won't go to church."

And that's true.

But a Sunday without church is disconcerting.

It's like I don't know what day it is.

I sleep in, as I often do, and wonder where I'm supposed to be.

I look at my calendar to remember it's a Sunday without church.

I wander around all day since 'church' takes up my mornings on Sunday.

I like a day off.

But it's odd and strange.

I've been doing this for 40 years--more than half my life.

So, a Sunday without church throws me off badly.

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