Friday, October 1, 2021

Third jab

 Today I got my Covid booster shot by simply walking into Rite-Aid and asking for it.

I feel safer already.

Don't get me started on the anti-vaccination folks....

Get the damn shot!

I saw a school teacher in New York on Youtube today who was going to quit teaching instead of getting the vaccination as her school board mandated.

She was a young Jewish woman who had a "religious exemption".

But when pressed by the CNN reporter. she could not define what the religious belief was that made her avoid the vaccine.

Most religions I understand teach us to respect and protect one another. I can't think of how a religious belief could keep us from taking a shot to protect, in her case, the children she taught.

Most religions also warn us to take care of ourselves and not put ourselves in danger.

Denying the vaccine puts you and those around you in danger.

So quit, young woman, that at least will protect your students, but the part about taking care of yourself is up for grabs.

She was an emotional young woman, torn to bits by having to quit teaching children she loved.

But I felt no sympathy toward her. None at all.

Get the shot and keep teaching, for God's sake....and your own!

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