Wednesday, October 6, 2021


The Yankees lost last night. Their season is over. I'm not even going to say, "wait 'til next year!"

I've been a Yankee fan all my life.

When my father was in NYC ready to ship out to Europe for WW II, someone gave him tickets to a World Series Game--Yankees and Dodgers (still in Brooklyn).

He and his friends went to the game and he decided whoever won would be his 'team'. Not many to choose from in Southern WV! The Reds, I guess, or what was then the Washington Nationals.

Needless to say, the Yankees won and my dad infected me with Yankee love.

When I was a kid they were head and shoulders over everyone but the affor-mentioned Dodgers.

The sports reporter on Channel 6 in Bluefield (one of only three channels we got) would start his report by saying, "Let's see who the Yankees clobbered."

Nothing like that time for Yankee fans.

But I hoped against hope for this year.

Heart-broken again.



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