Monday, October 4, 2021

How I've changed

I haven't been nearly as controversial on my blog since "he who will not be named" left office.

So, I'm ready for a rant!

Joe Manchin is an A-hole!

He's from my home state of WV and has a D. after his name, but he's not a Democrat with a capital D--his is a small d for dumb-a**.

From one of the poorest states in the country, he is blocking the passage of the Build Back Better bill that would provide West Virginians with more help than most states.

But at least he's said what he wants: to cut the price tag from 3.5 trillion over ten years to more like a single trillion.

Arizona's Kyrsten Sinema, democrat in name only is joining him but she won't say what she wants!!!

These two so-called Democrats could undo the whole Biden agenda and hurt many millions of people around the nation.

(Course Manchin gets lots of coal money and Sinema lots of pharmacy $--both of which would be affected by the environmental and drug pricing parts of the bill!!!)

What Idiots!

And that's the polite word....




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