Monday, October 18, 2021

OK, I get it...

This month I've had a blood test, an MRI, seen my Allergist, my Cardiologist, and will see my urologist on Friday, plus the two shots I get every month at Waterbury Hospital.

Next week I see two doctors and have another MRI about a heart valve issue.

OK, I get it--I'm getting older by the day.

I haven't wanted to admit it, but the evidence is clear.

I always take a book to the doctor's office since they are often so slow.

The Cardiologist is different. As soon and you sign in they take you to a room for blood pressure and EKG and the doctor comes in before I can read three pages.

I guess Cardiologists have to work fast.

I also use a cane every day.

I'm an old man.

It's hard to admit.

But I admit it.

I admit it.

It's not all that bad....


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