Saturday, October 23, 2021

Problematic emails and Scam calls

I get two kinds of emails that drive me crazy.

The first kind are from the Democratic National Committee--several a day.

They all ask me to fill out a survey about things that matter to me--racial justice, the supreme court, voting laws, abortion, stuff like that. And no matter how many I fill out, at the end they ask me for money.

I already give a generous donation each month to Act Blue--the DNC's donation place--but each email asks me for money anyway.

Next one I get I'm going to reply--STOP ASKING ME FOR MONEY? IF NOT, STOP EMAILING ME. 

The second are job offers, a couple a day--from everywhere from Target to Spirit to UPS.

I'm a 74 year old retiree with bad knees, why do you say I meet your criteria?

Every knows there's an employee shortage here in the US because of the pandemic. Every retail store in Cheshire is hiring. 

But I'm not who you want, I promise you.

And scam calls! Oh, my Lord! Most of the calls I get on my cell and on our land-line are scams. My I-phone even labels them for me.

Yesterday, Bern got a call that began: "Grandma, it's me, your grandson...."

We only have grand-daughters, so she knew it was a scam.

Then she read on-line about a group of young people calling old people to claim it was their grand-child needing money!

Many people probably send it.

Bern said if these kids would stop the scam and spend their time and cunning in school, they could get Ph.D's.

Probably so.

I give enough money to the DNC. I don't need a job. I don't want to be scammed.

Enough already.


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