Tuesday, May 17, 2011

bird mommies

I came home from Clericus this morning and saw two little featherless heads poking out of the nest on our front porch. The babies have arrived! I was about to try to see them better when Mama Robin came home with a worm in her beak. (It's so wet that the worms are jumping out of the ground into the birds' mouths in our back yard....)

I went out later and Mama wasn't on the nest so Papa buzzed me. He did the same thing when I came back. He's a real guardian of the chicks.

Then, on the Canal, I saw Mama Duck teaching her dozen or more babies (they move so fast it's hard to count them) how to hide from predators. They were swimming in the middle of the rain swollen canal when Bela and I approached. Lickidy Split she herded them all to the far side under the brush there. Same thing on the way back...middle of canal...sighing of man and dog...up on the bank on the far side.

Bird mommies are very busy this time of year....

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