Friday, May 6, 2011

Growing old and forgetting together

Bern and I have know each other for 47 years now. In September we'll have been married 41 years. Amazing.

We are growing old together. And with age comes problems, mostly with memory.

Bern had been looking at houses on the internet, not that we're considering buying by any means, but because she wanted to look at a house near us and see the price and such as that.

She saw a house that she said was where one of Mimi's friends lived--neither of us could remember her name though both of us could remember lots of things about her. The house was on Jinny Hill Road, which is a left going south on Rt 10 just past the McDonald's and what was the last fabric store in Cheshire and is now a Dollar Store. But that's not where what's her name--who did Mimi wrong and it is just as well that she is nameless--lived. She lived on a left off of Wallingford Road, that I know. Bern even remembered it was a left after the retirement condos, which is Wallingford Road. But Bern was insisting it was Jinny Hill Road and I was about to let her be right--which is what keeps you together for over 4 decades--when she realized she was wrong.

Then she said that one of Josh's friends lived on that same road--and I couldn't remember--but she said, "that's where he wrecked that time" and I didn't remember him wrecking there.

So, we're even. Which is another thing that keeps you together for over 40 years...always being even....

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