Monday, May 9, 2011

updating the robins

After several weeks of almost constant presence on the nest on our front porch, the Mama Robin disappeared today. I was worried about it until I remembered that she did that for more than a day last year.

What I think has happened, though I dare not try to see, is that the eggs have hatched and she is away from the nest finding worms for those babies, who if I know birds, which I do, having two parakeets in my kitchen, the buggers eat almost constantly.

Papa drove off a Cardinal, who is also nesting somewhere in our yard or in our neighbor's yard. Papa Robin drives off birds all day. He is formidable. I wouldn't want to cross him.

There is something almost painfully lovely about Mama and Papa. And if they are the same Robins as last year--which I believe is true--it makes it even more wondrous. Avian monogamy, what a trip.

I can't tell you what joy it is to share our porch and our lives with these birds. I said, "Goodnight, Mama" when I came in from walking the dog tonight. I can't tell you she returned the greeting, but I'd like to imagine it.

Last year I saw the fledglings fly away. I hope I have that honor and that privilege again this year.

"The red, red robin, goes bob, bob, bobin' along...."

How joyous I am that they are here. I realize they don't feel the same about me...but indulge me...

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