Friday, September 30, 2011

eyebrow crap

I always forget, but each year when the weather starts to change the the high and low temperature gets 20+ degrees apart, I get crap in my eyebrows.

I have rather full eyebrows and what happens is that a scaly mess starts to form on the inside of each eyebrow and inexplicably spreads across the bridge of my nose.

Some years I've scratched it with the dirtiest part of the body--my fingernails--and it's gotten infected and I have to have topical and oral antibiotics. What a pain that is, a runny, pus filled bridge of my nose isn't a way to make people love and adore you.

I've experimented over the years and hope I can keep it from getting viral this year. (Maybe I should wear rubber gloves so I don't scratch it too bad.)

Even when I rub it, it's like the snow in those snow globes. Maybe I should put a reindeer and Santa on my nose and people would think the crap was part of a theme face.

Who knows.

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