Thursday, September 29, 2011

Somewhere under the rainbow....

So it happened like this: I was on my way to a meeting in Portland and as I drove down Rt. 10 I saw an enormous double rainbow that seemed to stretch from Hamden to Southington. I even pulled into a strip mall to look at it. About a dozen people were in the parking lot taking pictures with their cell phones. (I don't have a cell phone that takes pictures, but if I did I would have taken one.)

It was a perfect bow. We could see it from one end to the other. The lower bow was bright and radiant. The upper bow was pale, almost opaque.

Simply astonishing.

I kept driving and when I turned onto I 691, I realized I was going to drive under the two rainbows. Lord knows how I didn't wreck, staring up as I tried to drive. In fact, there should have been multi-car pileups on both sides of the Interstate. Everyone, I'm sure, was craning their necks to see the bows when they passed beneath.

It was simply one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. Jaw-dropping wondrous.

I'm not one who traffics in misty-eyed emotionalism about God. An associate Rector I worked with me used to say, wisely, "God is not a feeling." And God isn't.

But those double rainbows touched me deeply (and probably almost got me killed looking up at them driving 75 mph!)

I won't stand by this and will deny I ever said it in the future. And, those rainbows, for just a moment made me imagine that all this stuff I talk about all the time about God might, maybe, perhaps, be True.

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