Tuesday, September 27, 2011

strange bedfellows

OK, I know I'm too avid about sports. I could probably know a lot more about science, world affairs and French literature (not to mention opera) if my head weren't so full of sports junk. But it is. So it goes.

I am in the uncomfortable position the next two nights to root against the baseball team I love--the Yankees, of course--until I know Boston is losing to Baltimore. Boston and Tampa Bay are tied for the American League wild-card. The Yankees are in Tampa Bay for the last two games of the year, while Boston is in Baltimore. If Baltimore gets ahead, I can cheer for the Yanks since if both Tampa Bay and Boston lose they're still tied. But let the Red Sox get ahead and I become a Tampa Bay Rays fan. (They used to be the Tampa Bay 'Devil' Rays until idiot Christians complained so much. There are even people who think the Duke Blue Devils should change their name. Go figure.)

That's how much I hate the Red Sox. I'd hope the Yankees would lose two games if it kept Boston out of the playoffs. The Rex Sox are the AntiChrist so far as I can tell....

Last Saturday college football caused me to have another strange bedfellow: Notre Dame.

Normally when someone asks me who my favorite college team is, I tell them "West Virginia University and whoever is playing Notre Dame."

But I'm so mad at Syracuse and Pitt leaving the Big East that I was pulling for the Irish against Pitt.

What a tangled web gets woven when you get too emotionally involved with sports....

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