Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I hate being obsession.....

Jesus Christ, I hate obsession!

Wait, I'm an Episcopal priest, I should clean up my language. Perhaps put it in prayer form.

Dear God, save me from obsession...Amen.

I'm not normally an obsessive personality. Only when I can't find something, ordinarily. When I can't find something I wander around, opening drawers meaninglessly, looking under whatever is around to look under, 'retracing my steps and actions' in my mind to no avail, searching and searching in vain.

A kid lost something at St. James in Higganum a couple of weeks ago. I've searched that building four or five times. To no avail. In vain.

But the obsession I'm entangled in right now is reading The Hunger Games. My dear friend, Malinda Johnson has been telling me for months I ought to read the three books that make up The Hunger Games trilogy. I think she's getting back at me for making her start reading The Game of Thrones series that is now at five 900 page books and counting....

But I couldn't remember the name of the books or the author (Suzanne Collins) for months. Then I finally did. I bought Book One last Friday and finished it on Saturday and felt bereft and alone until, on my way home from church on Sunday, I stopped at a Target store and when, after 15 minutes or so wandering around and asking directions several times, I found the book section and bought Book Two. I finished it Monday night and was distracted and out-0f-sorts until I got to Barnes and Noble in Waterbury on Tuesday (today) and bought Book Three. I will finish it tonight or in the morning and will, I suspect, hunt down Suzanne Collins, who lives in CT and I should be able to find and, upon pain of death, make her write Book Four just for me.

I won't recommend the series because I had obsession and don't want anyone who might read this to fall into an obsessive state about The Hunger Games series that I've been experiencing.

(An aside: I bought Book Two at Target for $13 but Book Three at Barnes and Noble was $19. I am obsessed that book stores not be put out of business by Amazon, etc...but they may be put out of business by Target and Walmart before that happens. More the pity....Buy books from book stores, beloved. Please....)

It helps that Katniss, the heroine of all three books, is from District 12--which is, for all the world, Appalachia and most likely, West Virginia.

I'm obsessed by these books...dream about them...think about them when I should be paying attention to something else...hope Book Three never ends, but it will.

Everything ends...even obsession.....Ponder that....

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