Friday, March 9, 2012

Plus, Lukie lives....

Our roof is finished but our problems are not over. On Wednesday the power went off for about half our house. I may have mentioned it before. A guy from the utility company came and told us our entire electrical panel was shot. Water down the outside line into the panel, corrosion, danger, Wil Smith, danger!

A guy came from the electricians and did some work but couldn't replace the panel. So, since our bedroom was one of the places affected, and my office with my computer and the router for Bern's computer--we've been off line for two days....

I'd recommend that. It was wonderful....

Today they came--two electricians--and replaced and encased our outside line and our inside electrical panel and grounded everything. But still the same problem, half our power was off. So they came upside and I put the dog in the car and went in the truck to a physical with my doctor and they crawled around, looking for the problem.

(Oh, I should tell you that since the electricians had opened the door to the basement and the dormer door to the outside from the basement and I couldn't find our cat, Lukie, I went up and down the street expecting to find him crushed on the road somewhere. Luke is an indoor cat for 11 or more years and the thought of him getting out when he knows Jack about cars and stuff, had me in a panic mode. He's a 'puppy cat'--comes when you call him, very affectionate and begs like a dog. I love him profoundly. He is the last of our once 4 cats and has always been my favorite and has flourished with just him and the dog. He always wanted to be an "only cat" I think, and he and Bela--the bad dog--play and run and co-exist in a marvelous way.)

So, I go to the doctor, not knowing is Luke is smushed on the road somewhere or if my computer and all our electricity will be back on when I come home.

Well the electricity was back on--the guys found a line up in the attic that was--against code--right on the ceiling and got broken by they guys driving nails into the roof to put on our new shingles. The fault lies in whoever did that wiring as much as 100 years ago since in is original wiring. But in great shape, the electricians told us, given it's age.

And Luke was back with us. He hadn't escaped and been smashed by a car. He'd been hiding the whole time.

I was so happy I picked him up and held him and rubbed him for a long time. He likes that. He is, after all, our puppy cat.

Plus, I'm much more healthy, according to Mike, my doctor, than I deserve to be....

Not a bad day, over all--but we haven't gotten the electricians bill yet....

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