Saturday, September 10, 2016

a steel cage match might work...

Honestly, the way Clinton and Trump are going after each other I'm beginning to think a steel cage match might work better than debates!

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought Vice Presidential candidates were supposed to be 'attack dogs' for the head of the ticket. That's the way it's seemed in the past. But not time time. Pence and Kaine are the adults in the room. I almost wish we could flip the tickets and the two of them would be the candidates for the White House.

I can see Pence and Kaine having a real, college level 'debate'. But watching 4 between Clinton and Trump may be more carnage than any of us can stomach.

My primary problem with the way the two of them are railing about each other is that is just making the electorate more and more polarized--and I don't remember us ever being the polarized since Goldwater and Johnson.

The 'moderates' usually decide elections. However, in this campaign it's hard to imagine who those folks might be.

Could we start over and have Biden run on the re-run and have the Republicans figure out how to stop Trump this time around?

Really! I'm a yellow dog Democrat but the curs all seem to be at the top of the tickets....

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