Tuesday, September 13, 2016

West Virginia again...

Back on August 3 I wrote a post about a candidate for sheriff in Berkeley County, WV, who was arrested for heroine possession when he was found unresponsive in his home with a needle in his arm.

Well, another West Virginia law officer twist. A police officer in Wierton, the other side of the state from Berkeley County, has been fired for, get this, NOT shooting a man who had an unloaded gun!

The officer, Steven Mader, came to the home of R.J. Williams, who was waving a handgun and telling Officer Mader, "kill me, now!"

Mader deduced, rightly, Williams wanted 'suicide by cop' and was talking him down when another officer arrived and killed Williams with a shot to the head. Williams' gun was unloaded. Mader was right.

And now he--a trained Marine--has been fired for "endangering the life of another officer". If the gun wasn't loaded, no one was endangered.

Cops get blamed, rightly so, for using too much force.

Apparently, in Weirton,WV, they get fired for not using enough force.....

Go figure....

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