Friday, September 9, 2016

Brooklyn and back

Going to see Ellie and Mimi and Tim is always an adventure. We went on the train from New Haven to Grand Central and Bern wanted to do an Uber car to Brooklyn. OK, in my mind, Uber officially sucks!

She had our location on her smart phone--42nd and Vanderbilt, on the other side of 42nd from the station and Uber said they'd be there in 9 minutes, then 5, then 3, then 9 again, then 5, then 9 again...on and on for an hour in the heat and humidity of Manhattan. Three cabbies said they didn't go to Brooklyn though they're all supposed to. In near despair we took the 4/5 train to Atlantic Avenue and Tim met us for the 5 minute walk to South Elliot Place.

We had two children and three other granddaughters, so we are not without experience. But to my knowledge, I've never seen a baby like Ellie. She nurses, sleeps and looks around. She seems almost Zen-like in her calmness. Since the day she was born--when she was in a lot of distress--I haven't heard her cry. She gets fussy and Mimi nurses her and she sleeps and then looks around, very interested in sights and sounds. Mimi put her on her stomach on a wonderful cloth with lots of stuff she'll be interested in later, and she turned over onto her back! I've never seen a month old baby who could turn over!

Well, enough. I could go on and Zen-like Mimi and Tim are with her, how lovely she is, how smart and talented she's going to be...grandparent b.s.

The trip home was good. Subway from Atlantic Ave to Grand Central, train to New Haven, home before dark. I let Bern out to go deal with the neglected Puli and went to get a pizza (white pizza with sliced tomatoes and lots of garlic and fresh basil--wonderful) and wine.

I ate a grilled cheese sandwich Mimi made me all day, until the pizza. Bern only ate a banana all day until the pizza. But Ellie is worth half-starving yourself.

She truly is. I kid you not....

But I'm getting too old to go to Brooklyn and back in one day. I truly am. I'm worn out. To bed though it's not 10 p.m. yet....

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