Thursday, July 27, 2017

Just loving the cool....

I haven't been writing here much lately. Part of it is that I'm trying not to get to riled up about all the nonsense out of Washington. But part of it is that I'm just loving the cool weather.

We've slept with windows open two nights now and will tonight at well, here at the end of July. The last few days have felt like early spring or mid-fall, not deep summer.

The dog has even been willing to be outside on the deck with me for more than a few moments.

Yesterday, I was on the bed reading a book Sherlock Holmes' Daughter (I recommend it if  you like things Sherlockian) and had to get a blanket to keep from being chilly. How often does that happen in July?

Another thing I recommend, go to Youtube and search for The Marconi Group and their song/music called "Weightless". I can tell  you if you listen to the 8 minute or 10 minute version (there is a 10 hour version I've never tried) it will lower your blood pressure and slow your heart rate and make you feel like you just had a wonderful nap. Really. It was written in consultation with music therapists and designed to s l o w  y o u  d o w n .

I listen to it at least once a week and watch the video which is rather hypnotic.

Here in Trump-world we need all the good books and mood altering music we can find.

At least I do....

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