Saturday, July 1, 2017

Please, dear God, help us....

I won't even try to describe the last few days of our President's and, unfortunately, our lives. You know all about it if you've been semi-conscious. All the stuff about tweets and Morning Joe and CNN. All that stuff. I don't have to tell you about it.

I want my President to be worrying about, well, 'presidential stuff'--foreign affairs, trade, Russia, health care (in a way that matters), the day to day operations of our massive government infrastructure, roads and bridges, inclusion of immigrants into society, safety, just stuff like that as uninteresting and opposite as it may be to what He-Who-Will-Not-Be-Named cares about.

When our children, Josh and Mimi, were 10 years old, there is no way I would have entrusted them with their day-to-day life without my guidance and the guidance of Bern.

The reason for that is, they would have done the kind of stuff the President does.

And what amazes me most is that, even though people (even Republicans) object to his 10 year old bully ('you called me that I'll call you that!!) behavior, no one is saying 'FRIGING ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!! IT STOPS HERE AND IT STOPS NOW!!!! GO AWAY AND DON'T COME BACK!!!!

Will no one but God save us?

Dear God, please save us......

(By the way, there is very little of true Presidential substance that can be said in 144 characters. Try to put the Gettysburg Address into a tweet.... )

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