Sunday, July 16, 2017

Showing some restraint....

It's been over 2 weeks since I've mentioned He Who Should Not Be Named (our President,by his other title) in a post.

That shows, given the 24 hour cycle of craziness out of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., more restraint than I'm usually up to showing.

I'm, not even going to 'go off' on He Who Should Not Be Named, Jr. He doesn't need anyone to air his dirty laundry...he can handle that himself quite nicely.

Neither will I discuss Darth Vader (Steve Bannon in drag) or Pee Wee Herman (Jerad Kushner's look-alike). I leave that to those less dignified and restrained than I.

Nor will I demean either Kelly Ann (who should be demeaned just on principle!) nor Sarah Huckabee whatever though there isn't a bus that should be tarnished by her being thrown under it.

No, all I want to do is tell you about a poll I read today.

It's an NBC/Wall Street Journal poll just out that covers 439 counties in 16 states that either switched from Obama in 2012 to Trump in 2016 OR Trump won more handily than did Mitt Romney. Most of those counties went for Trump by 15-20 points in the election. Now his approval rating is only 50% in those counties that voted for him by 65-35 in most cases.

The very people who elected him are the very ones who, to this point, everything he does (especially around the environment, the rich and health care) has mitigated against.

Amazing, isn't it, how folks can (just like scripture tells us) 'believe a lie and be damned....'

Alas and alack, 'forgotten Americans', he's forgotten you again already....

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