Wednesday, May 29, 2019

New England Spring

It has been rainy and cool. We usually have air conditioning by now--it's almost June. But I just took the dog out and the temperature on the back porch is 44 degrees.

Our yards have responded to all the rain by being glorious.

We have 4 rhododendron trees and all have larger blossoms than I've ever seen. (We didn't plant them, but they are the state flower of West Virginia, by the way.) And the purple irises, dozens and dozens of them, are in their glory in the front.

The ferns and ground cover in the side yard are wondrous.

Florida is in the worst heat wave in May history.

The mid-west is full of water and more tornadoes than ever.

I said, joking, to some friends, that nature was punishing the Red states.

They agreed.

I'll take 44 and rain any day over 100 degrees and floods and tornadoes.

And not having to turn on the air conditioning is a blessing.

New England is the place to be.

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