Monday, May 6, 2019

"Poliqticcal correctness" unveiled

I'm a left-wing, progressive nut,. right?

So, I'm really 'into' political correctness.

No racist, anti-gay, anti-trans, anti-immigrant, anti-feminist remarks--right?

But political correctness has been embraced by the right now--it's all about Israel.

Say something about Israel (the country) and you are an anti-Semite (the Jewish people).

The Muslim woman in the House got caught in it.

Criticizing a country who keeps millions of Palestinians in what could be considered servitude and second-class citizen status, a country that won't agree to a two state solution, a country whose head of state is even deeper in controversy than our own--criticize that country and people call you a hater of Jews.

I criticize any number of countries--Russia, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela==and I'm not a hater or Russians or Asians or Muslims or Hispanics--I just don't agree with what the leaders of those countries are up to.

But there are those who have co-opted 'political correctness' for their ends that make any criticism of Israel (the country) as being anti-Semitic.

No wonder some white folks don't like 'political correctness'--it stings when it gets applied to you for opposing the policies of a country and not a criticism of a religion.

Odd how that works on the 'other side'.

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