Monday, January 30, 2017

a nation of immigrants???

No more, maybe.

The outrage and fear unleashed by President Chump...I mean Trump...over immigration should make the statue of liberty throw herself in the harbor.

My paternal family has been here for at least seven generation--but we came here from somewhere else.

My great-grandfather Jones came over from Ireland. (His name was O'Connor but he and his two brothers got in a fight on the boat and all gave false names at Ellis Island. Not much 'extreme vetting' in those days.

Bern's father immigrated from Italy as a teen and her mother was the child of Hungarian immigrants.

The irrationality of thinking prohibiting immigration is in the name of national defense is so lame it doesn't even deserve refuting.

Ten days into Trump's 'reign', which seems to be how he thinks of it, rather than 'administration'--not much of which is going on--reminds me of some Third World Strong Man, not a president.

But people are reacting and the media isn't taking Steve Bannon's advice to 'keep their mouths shut'. And I've found myself praying more than in the past.

Prayer is good, right?

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