Thursday, January 12, 2017

Going to Baltimore

Josh and Cathy and the girls moved into a new house in September, but because I was lain up with knee surgery we haven't seen it yet.

We're going tomorrow after we take bad dog Bela to Holiday Pet Lodge in Wallingford, the best kennel we've ever known. They swear Bela is a good dog there--it''s like when you picked up your kids at a play date and we're told what angels they are (which you knew not to be true!) I guess what they mean is Bela hasn't bitten them badly or killed another animal....

We have always made good time going to Baltimore. We usually make it in between four hours and four hours 15 minutes. The last time we came home from Brooklyn it took longer than that!

I noticed at Christmas how grown up Emma, Morgan and Tegan have gotten. If I made New Year's Resolutions (I sometimes make some like "I won't drink Yak milk" or "No scuba diving this year") one would be to make sure I see my granddaughters more this year than last. The Bradley girls have never come to stay with us by themselves. I think they should this summer. Ellie isn't coming by herself for quite a while, but 10, 10 and 7 seem ages to come for a while. I could go get them and bring them back on the train.

That's something to negotiate with Cathy and Josh. We couldn't ruin them rotten in a week, could we???

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