Monday, January 2, 2017

Read this book....

I read a lot but seldom recommend books since I read mostly mysteries and never read non-fiction.  People are always recommending non-fiction books to me that they say "you'd love, Jim". I've stopped telling them I don't read non-fiction and promise to look for the book they're touting at Cheshire Library. But since I never go in the non-fiction section, I never look for it.

But I've half-way through a book right now by Alice Hoffman called Faithful. And though I haven't even finished it I think you should go to your local library and check it out, or get on the waiting list for it since it's a new book and Alice Hoffman is very popular.

Don't buy it or get it on Kendal (how ever that's spelled!) Go to the library and check it out--it's probably on 14 day loan but I bet you'll read it in two days. I just started it this morning and it's 4 p.m. and I've been out a lot and I've read 114 pages and will likely finish it before I sleep. That's how good it is.

(The reason I want you to go to the library and check out a real book is so libraries don't disappear. I love libraries but like non-Smart phones, I fear for their life expectancy....)

Faithful might be one of those books that change my life or at least how I look at living.

That good....

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