Sunday, August 6, 2017

A confession of no small measure

As much as I cannot stand that He Who Will Not Be Named is our president, I must confess that I pray that General Kelly can bring order, decorum and a semblance of professionalism and honor to the White House.

You see, I love this country more than I despise the president. And even if it would mean HWWNBNed approval improved, I would be satisfied if the General can make 'business as usual' a byword in the administration.

Things are not good as they have been. We went from 'no drama Obama' who eased his way through most everything with grace and dignity, to Saturday Night Live at the White House.

The only people who seem to have found something positive in this administration are the late-night TV shows and satirists.

I don't like not respecting my leader. I didn't like Presidents Regan, Bush and Bush but I did respect them. I thought they had the best of the country in their hearts if not in their actions.

Come on General Kelly--Semper Pi--wake us from this nightmare. Make America Sensible Again.

Please. Pretty please with sugar on it.....

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