Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Mary Jennings called me

A voice from the past. Mary is the wife of Robin Jennings, one of my seminary classmates from Virginia Theological Seminary in Alexandria. She and Robin had been in New Haven last weekend for a wedding and found my number in the white pages--lordy, there are still 'white pages' and called me when they were back in Lexington (I think) Kentucky.

They had a rushed visit and didn't have time to call me last weekend and come the 10 miles to Cheshire.

I last saw them when I did a sabbatical where I visited classmates on our 25th anniversary of graduation--that would have been 2000.

I remember sending classmates things I'd written about them after that visit and Robin, I recall, didn't like what I'd said about him.

But Mary (not Robin) called me and we spoke for 20 minutes or so and it was rather wonderful and rather strange.

I didn't speak with Robin (perhaps he wasn't there just as Bern was in NYC with Mimi and Ellie) but Mary and I had been friendly all those years ago, so it was fine,

I was struck by how so many  years can dissolve in so few minutes. It was great to speak with her.

Voices from the Past are welcomed here.

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