Saturday, August 19, 2017

so much for 'muscle memory'

For all of my life since I've worn belts--over 65 years, by the way--I've always worn belts that buckle until three months ago.

I bought a new belt that had a hook on the front of the metal plate that just slips into the hole on the belt. No buckling necessary.

Then this week, I put on a belt you have to buckle and every single time I've gone to take off my belt since then, I've tried to simply lift out the pin rather than unbuckle it.

I've always though 'muscle memory' was one of the unquestionable things about human beings. Yet in only a few months of a belt that slips into the hole and doesn't need buckling, 65 years plus of buckling has been 'muscle forgotten' somehow....

"'Splain that, Lucy!"

If 'muscle memory' that lets us do things (like type like I'm now typing) without thinking can be thrown off by a few months of a belt that doesn't buckle, then why are our opinions and feelings and prejudices so hard to alter?

We seem to have 'locked in' opinions that even facts and reality can't budge.

I wish we could all put on an 'opinion belt' with no buckle and then realize how easy it is to acknowledge we've been mistaken and take another tact.

Against all my comprehension, KKK folks and neo-Natzis and white nationalists can't see the error of their ways.

Or can our President.

Get a belt that doesn't buckle, knuckleheads.....

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