Tuesday, January 21, 2020

"Show" and "Whoa" trial

It's all there in the Senate chamber--the chief justice, the house prosecutors, the president's defense team and 100 silent, supposedly listening senators.

But it's just "show" and "whoa".

The first amendment to the cooked up rules by Senator McConnell was defeated 53-47--straight party lines. And all that was being asked was for witnesses and evidence to be subpoenaed before the trial begins, not at the end.

In no other impeachment trial in the history of the United States--presidential or judicial or other--has the Senate not subpoenaed witnesses and documents.

But they probably won't in this one.

53-47 all the way.

Alas and Alack.

I think the President should be removed. But I would want to hear from everyone involved and see all the evidence available before voting.

Not here.

This is just a 'show'.

This is 'whoa let's stop."

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