Wednesday, January 22, 2020


My urologist, Dr. Wong, who looks so much like my daughter-in-law, Cathy Ch
en, that having her touch me there is weird, sent me to an oncologist.

Another woman doctor who has a name with 11 letters in it but is an Episcopalian and goes to Trinity on the Green in New Haven.

The problem is this: I have no prostrate gland, it was removed by surgery because it was cancerous over 15 years ago. But in the last couple of years my PSA in my blood samples have risen as high as 5.2. It should be zero since the prostrate produces PSA.

I now understand that neither urologists or oncologists understand why someone without a prostrate has a PSA count.

They just don't know.

As much as they know, and they know multitudes more than me, they just don't know.

I've had a couple of scans from Dr. Wong and there was nothing there.

Friday next I'll have a pet scan with the oncologist that should say definitely if little pieces of my cancerous prostrate traveled elsewhere.

Hopefully that scan will mean Dr. Wong won't do the test where she sticks a camera down my penis into my bladder which is scheduled in mid-February.

If you've never had a camera put into your bladder, be thankful and I envy you.

But if you have, I hope it wasn't done by someone who looks like your daughter-in-law.

Weird beyond imagining.

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