Thursday, January 16, 2020

Winter is back

After a week of Autumn like (almost Spring like a couple of days) weather in Connecticut, Winter is back. It's 20 degrees at 8:30 with winds driving the wind chill into the single digits.

And Winter has come for our President. His trial in the Senate has begun and though I don't think there are enough Senate Republicans of Conscience (SRC from now on) to remove him from office the trove of documents just released to the House Intelligence Committee and from them to the media has significantly raised the wind chill.

The lawyers for Les Parnas (Giuliani associate with many photos with the President) reveal how Trump (and perhaps Pence) knew fair well what was going on in the Ukraine.

In a long interview with Rachel Maddow (Conservatives gasp in repulsion at her name) he said over and over that the President 'lied' and that Pence knew too.

Today a federal government watchdog organization (the Government Accountability Office) said, definitively, that withholding the military aid from Ukraine, that had been voted by Congress, 'broke the law'.

Hopefully there are enough SRC to have witnesses in the trial and hopefully, Chief Justice Roberts--who I respect but don't agree with--will make sure that happens if the vote is 50-50. Under impeachment rules, he can break ties.

So bundle up and stay tuned.

Things are getting interesting and tricky.

SRC, stand up and be counted.

For your country and the Constitution you took an oath to uphold.

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