Wednesday, January 15, 2020

I've been not writing for a while

Mary Ann's funeral and all the news has kept me from my keyboard for a few days.

Plus, as I've said before, so few people are reading "Under the Castor Oil Tree" these days that I feel rather alone, sitting here typing.

At the funeral, Bishop Ian, at the family's request, had a period of personal sharing before my homily. Many people spoke. At least 4 of them spoke for more time than my sermon took. It went on for an hour. When I finally got up to preach, I began by saying, "I don't know what I can add to all that, but I spent time on this and you're going to listen."

Good laughs for that line.

And the Impeachment has reached the Senate after the president almost started a war with Iran. He's the guy who wanted American troops out of the Mid-East and now he's sending more.

Crazier and crazier this administration become.

Plus, Lev Parnas' bombshell release of documents that makes the whole Ukraine issue even murkier and more damning to the president.

Lots going on.

But I will be posting more this week.


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