Friday, January 24, 2020

B*lls or no B*lls

The democratic members of the House, over three days, have laid out, in detail and tediously, why the president should be impeached.

Now it is getting close to seeing whether Republicans have the b*lls to call for documents or witnesses or not.

I may be incorrect in saying "Republicans" since that party has become the party of "He Who Will Not Be Named" in this blog.

I hear Republicans--real ones--on TV and radio every day saying they have no faith in this president and they are not part of his party any more.

The president has taken over the party and holds them in fear of him and his 40% or so base. For politicians, "election" is the key and this President has threatened them that if they defy him he will bring hell down on them.

No one, who supports the president, had put out any cogent defense against what the impeachment says. There is none.

So do they just dismiss what he did and vote to acquit or not.

Probably the former.

Though over 70% of Americans, in recent polls, want to have documents and witnesses.

Has the president cut off the Senators' b*lls?

I fear so.

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