Sunday, November 21, 2010

good Sunday

I've gotten over my upset about the Anglican Covenant until the next time it comes up!

I went to Northford today to do church. It's a great little congregation, part of the Middlesex Cluster. There was a baptism. I love baptisms.

Afterwards someone said, "I liked how you told us what you were doing as you went along...."

I honestly didn't remember doing that but as I think back it was a kind of 'instructed baptism'.

The little girl was Emma, same name as one of my granddaughters, so I loved her already.

There was a need organist and we did "Amazing Grace" and "Shall we gather by the River". Couldn't get better than that.

There were 43 people there--looking back in the service book, that was a big crowd.

I worry about the church. Little churches like this are on the edge financially, even with the Cluster to hold them together. Actually, churches a tier or two higher than St. Andrew's are in trouble. I have a friend who is retiring because his parish wants a half-time priest.

Pray for the church.

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