Wednesday, November 10, 2010

my hat

I have this hat that my brother in law gave me more than a year ago.

It's dominant color is between yellow and gold but it has ear flaps and tassels at the end that have that tawny color and brown and white. The same fringe goes around the top from ear to ear and their are two ears--brown--that make the hat look something or other like a young lion.

I love it. If I knew how I'd send you a picture of it with my words. But I don't know how to do that. I am, still, a computer novice.

But when I wear it people are smiley and kind and engage me in conversation.

I told Bern that I've met a lot of friendly people in the past few weeks.

"It's the hat," she said since I had it on inside, just as I am wearing it as I write this.

It looks a bit like a Sherpa hat but more like the hats they wear in Peru.

It was made in Peru, wherever my brother in law found it.

The tag says so.

The tag also says that it is 'Virgin Acrylic', which seems odd to me. Does that mean it is made from an artificial fabric that has never had sex?

But it does get smiles and comments and causes people to be friendlier than ordinary.

Maybe we should all wear strange hats. Perhaps it would make for a friendlier world. Imagine President Obama in a hat like mine talking to John Baynor who is wearing a hat that makes him look like a Giant Panda. Things might be better and get done.

Who knows, something to ponder.

Find a weird, whimsical hat and wear it for a while. I think you'll be convinced that what is missing from the world is odd hats.

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