Thursday, June 23, 2016

A drunk from Buffalo

Bern and I were sitting outside our hotel in Rome the night before we flew back to the US when a couple from Buffalo came across the street to the hotel and engaged us in conversation.

The man was clearly pretty drunk on Italian wine--and who could blame him? He told me every Italian he'd met asked about how on earth could Donald Trump be a candidate for President of the USA. Clearly, he'd been with people I hadn't been with since no one asked me that. But he'd been in a bar across the street and obviously was conversational.

He told me that when they asked him who he was going to vote for he told them 'he didn't know yet'.

I told him to hold his nose if he had to, but to vote for Hillary.

His wife agreed with  me. Just goes to show that the possible Trump voters are mostly middle-aged white men from places like Buffalo, who are a bit drunk.

One part of me--the part that believes in Americans as sane and decent people--tells me the election is going to be worse than the Goldwater debacle for Republicans.

Another part of me--the part that talks to drunk men from Buffalo in Rome--tells me that might not be true.

God help the first part of me be right.....

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