Thursday, June 23, 2016

Lunch in Etruscian caves

We had lunch one day in Siena in caves carved out by the Etruscians--the folks who pre-dated the Italians.

There was no Etruscian written language so all that is know about them is hear-say and conjecture.

But they made caves under Siena. And we had lunch on the second level of them--there were two more levels below. And incredible meal in an astonishing space.

The three 'girls' sat at a different table across from Josh, Cathy, Dan, Bern and me. And they were remarkably grown up about it. The staff treated them as if they were alone and even offered them the check!

What a place.

So Italy has a 'native people' about which they know about what we know about native Americans.

Someone is always pushing someone out.

The Etruscian culture was deeply woven into the land of Tuscany. And yet they know so little about it.

Again, like us and Native Americans.

But I've never eaten in a restaurant Native Americans dug out under a modern city.

That's different. And haunting.

And, once more, a great Siena meal.

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