Thursday, June 30, 2016

June slips away

June, we hardly knew thee!

I realize I was out of the country for a slice of it--but how did June just slip away?

If I rated the months in order of my liking them it would be something like this.

1. September
2. April
3. October
4. May
5. June
6. November
7. March
8. December
9. July
10. January
11. August
12. February

So, my number 5 month just got away from me.

My list, I realize, reflects my childhood in the mountains of Southern West Virginia. Anawalt, West Virginia, where I spent the first 18 years of my life, is further south by maybe 40 miles than Richmond, Virginia. But the altitude is 1793 feet above sea level and surrounded by mountains another thousand feet up.

Because of the altitude, the seasons went like this: Winter: January and February; Summer: July and August; Spring: March, April, May, June and Autumn: September, October, November and December.

All my 8 favorite months are in Anawalt Spring and Fall. The four least favorite are Winter and Summer.

Notice, March and December fall in the bottom half since winter could come a tad early or stay a tad too long.

People from Anawalt tend to use the word "tad" a bit. Just like they use the word 'bit' a tad.

June, you're gone in just over 2 hours. Sorry I wasn't paying a tad more attention and didn't notice you a bit more.

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